Living alone after a breakup may be the tonic you need to get you back on your own feet, start feeling better and mending your broken heart.

Regardless of how long a relationship, when one comes to an end it can be a very difficult time, especially when the breakup wasn’t expected or on your terms. It can be particularly hard if you were living together. Adjusting to living alone after a breakup and being partnered with someone you loved and planned a future with, can be exceptionally challenging.

A major part of breakup recovery is to find a way of being on your own and learning to live with your own company. If you weren’t expecting to break up and the whole turn of events has taken you by surprise, it may take some considerable time to be at peace in your own surroundings.

Adjusting To Living Alone After A Breakup

Living Alone | updated 1st July 2023 by Michelle Newbold

Living alone after a breakup may be the tonic you need to get you back on your own feet, start feeling better and mending your broken heart.

Regardless of how long a relationship, when one comes to an end it can be a very difficult time, especially when the breakup wasn’t expected or on your terms. It can be particularly hard if you were living together. Adjusting to living alone after a breakup and being partnered with someone you loved and planned a future with, can be exceptionally challenging.

A major part of breakup recovery is to find a way of being on your own and learning to live with your own company. If you weren’t expecting to break up and the whole turn of events has taken you by surprise, it may take some considerable time to be at peace in your own surroundings.

Adjusting to living alone after a breakup

A major part of breakup recovery is to find a way of being on your own and learning to live with your own company. If you weren’t expecting to break up and the whole turn of events has taken you by surprise, it may take some considerable time to be at peace in your own surroundings.

Why being alone can be the best medicine for a broken heart

Being alone after a breakup can empower you to feel better about yourself – and given time, bitter feelings about your past relationship can dissipate.

Newly single people can embrace their alone time and use it positively as their medicine or healing time while on the road to recovery. 

Let’s face it, straight after a breakup, why on earth would you want to immediately jump into a new relationship and start worrying about a new partner? Starting a new relationship so soon after a breakup can be seriously hard work!

There will be yet another adjustment period to go through where you may discover new relationship problems that need fixing – annoying habits getting under your skin and new routines to learn etc. – err, no thanks!

Grab that me-time and make good use of it

Why not give yourself a break and allow yourself some time to rediscover what is important to you. Take time to only worry about yourself and mend your broken heart by filling it with things that you like, rather than what someone else likes.

I know one friend who after a breakup who did just this and made time to put herself first. She realised she didn’t have her own favourite type of coffee because for the past few years she had simply drunk the coffee her ex-partner liked. 

When you living alone after a breakup, there is so much left for you to learn about yourself. You can allow yourself to do this without constantly having to worry about someone else’s needs and demands. You can move forward with life knowing you will only need to satisfy yourself, first and foremost. 

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to become as strong as you can be on your own two feet?

Empowering yourself

Look ahead, a couple of years down the line when you will be completely over this relationship and the person who broke your heart. You will be so proud of the achievement of allowing yourself time alone to be by yourself, without having anyone else filling up your space. 

Do not for one minute feel you are alone while dealing with your breakup. You should feel confident about your ability to make yourself whole again and having the strength to move on to better things. 

Remember, you don’t need someone else around to mend your broken heart. You have the ability to fix it by yourself. Just give yourself some time and enough breathing space and allow it to happen. Your perseverance will definitely pay off.

It is possible for you to get through this time and there are ways you can be kinder to yourself and ease into single life. Here are a few considerations to help you transition into living alone after a break up:


1 Allow time to wallow

If someone has been part of your life for a long time it is hard to imagine your life without them in it. Grieving for the end of a relationship is completely natural and you should give yourself time to do this in the comfort of your home. 

The shock and sadness you are feeling are to be expected and getting through and past this raw stage is important before making any big decisions. 

It is also an important stage in accepting what has happened with many people believing they can win their other half back at this point. But, in reality, it’s unlikely to be for the right reasons for most. Using the time to pass through feelings of anger and sorrow will aid the mourning of the relationship’s demise. Accepting a relationship is over is key to making progress and moving on.

Give yourself plenty of self-care during this phase. You need to take care of yourself, so make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat well and get outdoors regularly for some exercise and sunlight

2 Keep busy

Keeping your mind occupied and active can help you keep your thoughts away from what your ex is doing or ponderous ideas about getting back together. Being active is a good way to pass the time and get used to being on your own. 

Make plans with friends and family, take up a new hobby, read or work out – do anything you know will provide a distraction from the past.

Distract your thoughts with some positive music. Listening to music has been linked to changes in the way our brains process thoughts and emotions. Listening to the right music can distract us from negative thoughts and make us far more productive. 

Studies from the University of Birmingham, show music is very effective in raising our efficiency, especially when performing repetitive work. So when you are at work checking emails or crunching numbers, and your mind wanders back to your breakup, adding some distracting music will keep you focussed and make your tasks pass by quicker. 

Playing music that you have no particular strong feeling for, or listening to an easy listening radio station, has been found to work on helping us process unconscious thoughts and emotions.

3 Be practical

If you were living together then there are certain practicalities that may be essential to moving on. Dividing up assets, arranging to sell a property or dividing finances and making arrangements for any children or pets in the relationship may all be issues in need of addressing. 

Try to remain calm and focused on the objective as becoming emotional may hinder any developments you’ve made. When the time is right and if it feels necessary, seek legal advice, especially if things aren’t amicable between you and your ex.

4 Be comfortable with yourself

Some people jump into another relationship just so they aren’t on their own. It is important to be happy in your own skin and so getting to know yourself again is essential. 

Spend some time considering what you want to achieve and what you would enjoy doing on your own. Set yourself some goals – even short term goals, to begin with, helping you get you through the immediate and first few months. Think realistically about how you might achieve them. 

Some things may be easier than others like starting a new class or travelling to a different country. Re-evaluating the direction you want your life to go in could help you to be more comfortable with a future on your own.

breakup living alone

5 Feel lonely

Living alone after a breakup means feelings of loneliness are completely natural and valid. With some self-reflection try and understand your feelings and again, allow yourself the time and space to process difficult emotions. Those feelings may come after the initial break up and can completely catch you off guard after a period of feeling okay. Practising meditation and mindfulness may also help.

It could take a while to accept things have changed and at first, there may be a lot of day to day activities that need to be sorted out – like moving somewhere new for example. 

Once things have died down loneliness may set in, so stay busy making plans and keep in touch with people who can help you. Being alone is still positive though – it enables you to be calm and reset your mind and body for all the good things to come.

6 Stay single

It may be tempting to put yourself back on the dating market but in the early days, it is likely to be for all the wrong reasons. 

Getting back at your ex and stopping yourself feeling lonely could be key drivers for hooking up with a new partner. However, it isn’t for someone else to fix you and make you happy. 

You need to be happy with yourself first and foremost and that won’t happen overnight. Taking time to live independently and focus on a new start, however hard it may be, is the best way to getting back on track.

7 Love yourself

Unwantingly being at the end of a relationship break up is really hard and it is undoubtedly easy to blame yourself. Recognising you aren’t at fault, that it always takes two to tango in a relationship and learning to love yourself should be a firm priority when adjusting to life alone. 

Self-care and self-preservation are now what matters the most. It may have been many years since you only thought of yourself so take the time now to really focus and take care of yourself and your future.

Spending time alone after a breakup can be a great way to get to know yourself, giving you the much-needed space to establish your next steps while making you, your well-being and your future a priority. 

So, don’t feel bad about putting yourself first when you are going through the difficult time of a breakup. It will take time to reconcile your feelings and move on, but living alone provides a valuable opportunity to figure everything out on your own terms.

8 Listen to sad songs

Listening to sad songs can actually make us feel happier! Following a breakup, you may dread a favourite tune playing on the radio that reminds you of your ex and brings painful memories flooding back.

However, listening to sad songs can actually help you heal because it can regulate negative emotion and moods as well as bring on feelings of consolation. So playing sad songs and allowing yourself a good cry can bring you some relief.

You can, in fact, make yourself feel better for feeling worse! According to Taruffi & Koelsch, a Berlin-based research team, they found listening to typically sad music was correlated to positive feelings of happiness, calmness and peace.

Their research team asked 772 participants across the world to describe the songs they liked to listen to following the break-up of a relationship. They said in an interview with The Huffington Post: “The most frequent emotion evoked was nostalgia, which is a bittersweet emotion – it’s more complex and it’s partly positive. This helps explain why sad music is appealing and pleasurable for people.”

9 Reconnect with nature

Getting outside regularly for some fresh air, sunshine and looking at greenery can give your flagging emotions a much-needed health boost. 

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute discovered that reconnecting with nature or adding a natural element to your life could help boost mood and improve focus.

Listening to the sounds of nature such as birdsong, the wind in the trees and babbling water can be as effective as using white noise to mask intelligible speech and switch off the nagging voice in your head. 

The sounds and benefits of being around nature can also enhance cognitive functioning, improve your ability to concentrate, and increase your feelings of happiness, well-being and contentedness. 

If you find it difficult to escape to more natural surroundings, then you could try listening to recordings of nature sounds easily found on most music download services. 

10 Find yourself

While in a relationship there is every chance of losing a piece of yourself. Everyone makes some personal sacrifices to make a relationship work, so being single following a breakup will allow you to rediscover all those lost parts of yourself – it can actually be quite good fun!

You can look at this as a distinct advantage of being single and living alone. Think about what you gave up to be in your relationship. Now is your chance to lovingly gift these things back to yourself. 

Maybe you gave up a treasured hobby or having a long soak in a bubble bath while reading the latest blockbuster chick-lit book until your skin became pruned because your partner didn’t like sitting alone while watching TV.

Did you stop going to your favourite wine bar with friends after work because your ex was teetotal and didn’t like the smell of alcohol on your breath? Or maybe you gave up your social life for your relationship.

Did you switch from cooking with garlic and spices because your ex didn’t like spicy food? Or give up going abroad for your holidays because your partner couldn’t stand the heat? 

There are so many personal things making you unique and special. You just need to give yourself the chance to find them once again and get those happy feelings back. 

It may be being in a relationship denied you the chance to discover new things about yourself. Now is your opportunity to find new things to enjoy or to answer those questions that kept popping into your mind, but in the past, you were unable to take action to answer them. 

After a breakup, living alone is time for you to rediscover yourself. It will be good for you to slowly develop a mindful view of life so your mind can stay calm and at peace with the world and people around you. 

No matter what life throws at you, being centred, mindful and contented while listening to your thoughts and taking your own guidance over matters that directly affect you, will help you to understand what makes YOU happy.


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52 thoughts on “Adjusting To Living Alone After A Breakup”

  1. Great post! Loved reading it, I’m going through a breakup now and these are very helpful strategies. Again thank you for documenting them!?

  2. What is the point in becoming a better person? If the best person you ever had in your life left you, then you are doing it all for nothing. No matter how much I improve myself, they are improving and making themselves better also. They are enjoying new experiences and having fun without me. The longer we stay apart, the more beautiful she becomes. And no one in the world will ever be able to compare with her. She was my one and only.

    We have been broken up for two and a half years.

  3. Some really helpful tips here. I have never given myself the gift of getting to know me, always giving myself away to another. Your article shows me that I’m on the right track, painful though it feels at times. Thank you

  4. Getting over a toxic relationship and getting ready to live alone for the 1st time in years! This is sooo helpful and what I needed to read. I actually am ready to be alone and truly be happy with MYSELF!

  5. Thank you so much. My partner just left me after 6 years. It’s not easy but these words are encouraging to know that it will be ok as I move on without her. i do feel really lucky in the aspect that we still get along to a degree. its just hard as hell when its not you who wants these things to happen. they just happen.

  6. Thanks for this reassuring information. Just got dumped after six years. All of those same reasons you hear in the movies. Difficult all the same. Whether male or female, it’s hard to offer your heart and have it given back. I appreciate the thoughts written here. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for writing this article. It definitely helped give me some peace and hope that everything is going to be okay. My girlfriend of 2 years just decided she doesn’t know what she wants anymore and that she feels stagnant. What makes it exceptionally tough is that there is/was nothing toxic about our relationship. We’re both respectful and loyal to each other and are not controlling in the slightest. She even tells me that she still loves me and I’m the best man she knows but she’s just confused and having an identity crisis. I think a lot of what she’s feeling is because she’s been working less the last year (because of covid) and we haven’t been able to do a lot of fun things together like we used to which would naturally help us maintain our chemistry and passion. While I still have hope that we can make it through this hard time and come out the other side stronger because of it, I’m trying to prepare myself to have to live without her. Which is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Even the last few days with her staying at her parents house to clear her head, it’s been extremely tough for me with how lonely I am at our apartment alone. I’m trying to stay positive and be strong though and this article has definitely helped. Thank you

  8. Michelle Bruce

    My relationship with my ex was an odd one, he took care of me throughout the 2 1/2 years we’ve known eachother. He came into my life when I was constantly manipulated by my parents and put down. Since they didnt feed me or make sure I was okay, he had to do that for me. I was irresponsible and unappreciative during this. I didnt realize all that he was doing for me. He had to work a lot to be able to pay for both of us. I know he loved me so much then because of everything he did. He told me many times he was confused about how he felt towards me and tbh I was confused too but i never wanted to leave him. I loved him but he didnt feel loved in the relationship. He didnt feel appreciated and he was constantly hurting. We have had a on and off type of relationship and for the longest time we weren’t even dating, mostly sleeping together, having sex, telling eachother we loved eachother, while we both were still confused. He didnt like that he had to take care of me and because of the mindset I was in and the situation I was in, I could never actually appreciate what he did and I honestly still don’t know why. He was able to get me out of my household and I started living with him. I never truly felt like I was welcome while I was with him and he seemed so distant and unhappy which i couldnt understand. I was at my happiest at this point because i had the love of my life with me and we were living together and everything was great. He ended up getting me a $2,500 car, which I am actually forever grateful for, and I ended up crashing it because I took too big of a turn. That showed me and him that I’m too irresponsible to be with and he just couldnt do it with me anymore. He didnt have that desire to be with me at all and he told me he hasn’t felt any desire towards me in a while. That did hurt and now I’m living by myself. I have a lot to learn and I am unsure on how to feel about this. I dont have my parents to go back to and my family never liked me enough for me to live with any of them. All I have now is my guniea pigs and I’m planning on giving all my love to them and try to move forward by myself. It’s very hard though and it kills me that I cant make up for the pain I caused my ex. Hes the best guy I’ve ever met and I will always love and be there for him. I suppose it just wasnt ment to be

  9. I just stumbled across your article and really enjoyed the tone of it. There are many articles out there, which focus on writing down the negative things about your ex, throwing away stuff, downloading dating apps, etc. They make you feel like the healing process should be aggressive and even rushed. I loved the emphasis on taking things slow; you want to take up a new hobby—do it! You don’t want to take up a new hobby—that’s also fine! Sometimes we just really want to be encouraged to have a conversation with ourselves, even if we only want to lay in bed ♥.

  10. Not sure I will ever be happy alone. My husband of 30 years confessed to an affair 9 weeks ago. I am devastated that he has chosen his mistress over me. I am so sad and so alone.

  11. Definitely needed this one today. Ex of 2 years blindsided me and within 2 days we went from being super happy and ourselves, to her packing up and out for good. Although it’s been tough the last few days I know it will be good for me to be self sufficient and be on my own. Thank you.

  12. I really liked the article. It has this serene and mindful sense rather than ‘toxic-positivity’, often imposed on people. It clearly seems that the writer had an outlook from a place of peace, understanding and empathy.

  13. What a brilliant and empathetic article. Really makes you think. The answer to our happiness lies within ourselves. My marriage totally consumed me. I was living my life around my Husband and his work. My friends said that I had lost my sparkle. They were so right. I am 63 and this is now MY time. Yes I miss some aspects of him and our relationship. There are emotional ups and downs. Do whatever it takes in that moment to get you through. Realise that YOU are important and your happiness does not depend on another person. Forge new friendships and fill your life with new meaning. Look forward without dread and the sun will shine again. Take control. Good luck!

  14. I have been divorced going on 5 months now ( after 7 years of marriage). Met a pretty nice guy afterwards and fell in love so quickly. Once things took a turn I have been heartbroken again. After reading this article I realize between long term relationships (at least 3) I never took time to be alone and heal. Not even this last time. I am encouraged to be alone, to heal, and know myself. Prayerfully after becoming completely healed I will have success the next go around.

  15. Am going through the same thing but I’ve really failed to cope with loneliness.thanks , I’ll try these so I can find true love in

  16. Thank you. After being together after 23 years and now he’s leaving it’s pretty tough. I appreciate your counsel on moving forward in a healthy and happy direction. Thank you

  17. The time with them was fantastic and we will have a memory of the same. There are those people who fill Ur heart with immense love and hope , then leaves u suddenly . People say not to get emotional ,let them go. Ya let them , never forget every good thing they have taught us.They are our teachers, mentors in one way or other

  18. Just had a amicable split after 20yrs, we are great friends, awhile later i fell in love with another woman, lasted 5mnths and we split, i am fkn miserable! I miss this woman so much it hurts my soul! I fell deeply in love with her even though their were red flags, she filled a void id been missing for yrs. Trying to move forward but am really depressed.

  19. after broke up last week, I started listening to sad songs since then until now. I’m glad to know that what I did is one of your suggestions. so, thank you so much!

  20. This is very useful, thank you. We are splitting after 28 years. We have had our property on the market since October.
    It was his choice, but I know it’s the right choice now. However it is still a very hard pill to swallow and I dread the day. I will be moving in with mom & dad while I find somewhere of my own. I have my little dog she is a little Gem but I will not be ferrying backwards & forwards. No children.
    It’s very bittersweet, I dread the day but need to find myself.
    Thanks again.

  21. It is remarkable how on point this article was. It puts everything in perspective. I’m sure it has put everything in the right direction. Thanks to God first and he used you to be the vessel to bring this life blood back to a flow with a glow. God bless you.

  22. Your article was the distraction, acceptance, and advice that I needed to hear. Today, I made my alcoholic partner move out of our apartment. After five years of him promising to do therapy/AA/stay sober for a year, and then going back on his word after a few months passed, I finally lost all trust in his word. And, I couldn’t deal with him making promises, hearing my needs, and then not showing up or not being coherent enough to be of any help when my scheduled once a month break for a few hours came around. I don’t want my kids growing up feeling like they aren’t important because thier dad doesn’t show up for them when he says that he will, and I’m tired of feeling like this when I work my butt off everyday to help make his life as stress free as I possibly can. We have one toddler together and I’m eight months pregnant with our second, and when he started drinking again and not showing up for our family time, or showing up drunk, I decided I’m not going through another newborn faze with an alcohalic partner that adds to my stress and sleep deprivation. My kiddos deserve me at my best, and I deserve to be treated with the same care and love that I exhibit towards my partner (even if that means my partner is myself from here on out).

    Still, the empty spaces he left in the apartment break my heart everytime I see them. Filling the empty spaces with my things helped, but being reminded that now is the time to focus self care and discovery has been an even bigger help.

    On that note, I’m going to take a long shower and do my nails! Thank you for writing this article.

  23. It’s really difficult. You make the effort to be positive, go to therapy etc, but the home environment you created together reminds you of what you are missing, especially that she left and chose to be with “her best friend” who she had an affair with. Sometimes it hurts that she did it, other times that she chose him but often that she isn’t here.

  24. I really needed this article today. I’ve been holding onto “hope” that me and my ex could get together again in the future. We had a mutual breakup as he struggles with depression and substance abuse issues after the passing of his mother. He would constantly lie to me and never told me his needs. He always just tried to keep the peace and do what I wanted. Which really is heartbreaking because all I ever wanted and asked for was honesty. He lied about several things and hid them from me until we had already signed a lease on a home for a year. And now 4 months in I’m stuck here to be reminded of him everywhere I go. That’s been the hardest part for me. He talks about finding each other again once he can truly find himself and fix some of the issues he has about himself. I don’t want to hold onto that hope. I need to find a way to truly accept that I deserve more and I would never want to put myself through this again. I love him so much, this has all been so hard. I hope time will continue to heal.

  25. Things had to be rocky before the split so why would you be shocked and hurt. I immediately enjoyed the silence and not being a cook, butler, and bank. I live by and love this quote; “Don’t be sad that it is over” “Be happy that it happened” . Quote from the movie “Orchid”. I have no regrets that we spent 6 years together and we have great memories. On the other hand, being alone brought less stress and more me time, which I really needed. It has been a year and a half and we have not spoken so that speaks volumes about the decision. I do not see me getting into another committed relationship again. I bought a Spanish Water Dog and all he requires in a walk and pet on the head. If I ever find a woman that gets as exited as Charlie when I walk into the house, maybe I would consider a relationship. I absolutely do not understand going to a therapist to heal after a breakup. But to each his own.

  26. I caught my husband with his ex girlfriend. Recently, he has been distant unloving and disrespectful towards me. I had a feeling he was going to leave me in no time and he later did this was After 3 years of marriage, my husband left me and never returned. Thank God for given me courage to fight my battle which i will never forget anytime soon he has really done alot for me.

  27. This article helped me so much all ready but i hope to get some help with something I’m struggling with regarding a break up. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and I don’t mind being alone but I miss snuggling with someone and just having someone touch me and hold on me. How can deal with the pain that comes from that?
    Lots of love,

  28. 18 months together ,We had a blazing row news year day and boom he left.It had been brewing the last few months.I was love bombed all the way through like you wouldn’t believe , this man on paper was god sent!.However the nicely wrapped control was almost instant.worked in a shop at the time he would sit in the cafe opposite all day when he was off, until I finished.He insisted on making and carry everything, as no queen of his does chores.Got upset if I was up at the weekend before he came and gave me coffee, would drive me and pick me up to social events.If I took my daughter to the shop, he would turn up.I’ve cried like my heart has been ripped out and took all the blame.He said he wasn’t thappy unless I was, The constant ‘ are you ok’ made me not ok! Reason I’m now seeing it different he tried to push my daughter to leave , or moaned about her (she’s a delight as young lady’s go) so red flags from the start , but better alone with my girl then with a co-dependent love bombing narcissist.

  29. My boyfriend broke up with me recently, we had a lot of fights in the first year of our relationship and things got better in the second year until he met this older woman who was always in his space, he promised to set boundaries after we fought severally but he never did, this hurt me so much and we had a huge fight which led to him breaking up with me because he thinks we are better off apart and there’s no coming back from the hurt. I feel so broken

  30. Sir/Madam,
    My 10 years relationship got ended in 1 and half months back and the reason being a third guy in her office of same caste and i did not noticed it coming that way and she broke with me for that guy whom she met like a month ago. Now, since she has already moved on with that guy, i am still stucked with her memories our moments and not able to get out of it still. i do cry daily for something which i have not even done. i am not that social with a very less amount of friends who obviously are busy with their lives. i have turned 30 today and still cannot show maturity to my senses and crying and remembering her like a teenage. i am in immense pain and loneliness seems to be acquired me fully. i am on a height of depression and anxiety. could you please help me in anyways.

  31. I’m struggling really badly. My ex and I broke up in December. For the last three months he starting acting more aggressive and mean. Then one night he didnt come home to 6am in the morning. Long story short, he showed no remorse , cursed me out. Therefore I broke up with him and kicked him out. Within one month of us being separated, he is now living with his new woman which he just married and she is now pregnant. I’m devastated, confused and very heart broken. All can say, when you see red flags don’t ignore them. And I believe he might be a narcissist, as he loved bombed for the first yr of us being together and then at the end of second year, he became a different person.

  32. Thank you. This was a really nice article. I’m going to bookmark it. I am destroyed. After 6 years of bearing my heart and soul to the most wonderful woman, she ended things over a fcking voice message. I can count the number of arguments we had over the years on just one hand, and we literally wanted to be around each other 24/7. We had a connection and chemistry unlike anything I could’ve ever imagined. Any sacrifice that was made didn’t feel like one. Nothing made me happier than making her happy. She’s an angel on Earth. I honestly loved everything about her and I cherished her. She was just as wonderful, if not more so, to me. I don’t even have a real explanation other than her “no longer being able to heal” within the relationship. I have no idea and she won’t talk to me. It feels like I’m in the twilight zone. I was a father figure to her four amazing children, and they all loved me. I have barely gotten out of bed in days, and I just want to talk to her every 30 seconds, all day, nonstop. I want the love of my life back. I don’t ever see myself being able to delete all of our pictures, and I’m not ready to lose hope. I just can’t accept this yet, but I will try and keep busy and use these tips to not feel so lonely and betrayed. This is so surreal. I feel completely helpless. I think I’ll always be broken. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on my worst enemy. It’s selfish, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone and that others are hurting.

  33. My partner just left me after 11 years of dating. He didn’t show any remorse. Just suddenly told me he was marrying another woman and it is for my own good. Just like that. I can’t concentrate on anything. I feel so depressed now. After reading your article, I ll try my best to focus on myself and maybe seek counselling

  34. Hello. Thank you a lot for your tips.
    I feel lost and broken, I’ve just broken up with my partner for 3 years, I lost him to his depression. I moved to another country, left everything behind me just to be with him,started a new life, thought I’ve finally found home. But I was told that it’d be better if I just went to my home country… Loosing partner to his depression is very hard, I sometimes blame myself for not trying harder… but I had to leave because one morning I understood there was nothing left of me. It destroyed not only him, but also us, and me. What hurt the most, there was nothing else… No scandals, no betrayals… Now I’m lost, alone and broken, and I need to learn how to live by myself again. We were a good team, worked perfectly together until it just started crushing piece by piece, and on the end we were left with broken hearts. The unfairness – it hurts the most. I still love him, I tried to be mad and hate him, but I just can’t. I keep asking myself question why and how, but no one will ever answer it.

    I hope that your tips will help me to heal, but now the world just looks so dark and scary. I don’t recognize myself and my surroundings and my family is already pushing me to do something with my life, and I just want to disappear.

  35. I can only imagine how difficult it must be leaving a toxic marriage, but I believe in you and your ability to create a better life for yourself.

  36. Adjusting To Living Alone After A Breakup offers valuable insights and guidance for individuals facing the daunting task of living alone post-breakup. The article empathetically acknowledges the emotional turmoil that accompanies the end of a relationship, particularly when it wasn’t anticipated or desired. It recognizes the unique challenges of transitioning from a shared life with a loved one to solitary living. By addressing the difficulties and offering support, the article provides a helpful resource for individuals navigating this period of adjustment.

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  38. A good read.Although you sort of know these points it’s good to see in black and white and makes you want to try harder to like your own company. Patience and peace of mind going forward will be my practises. I will get there after a 16yr relationship it takes time I guess.

  39. Going through a tough break up right now. I know where I messed up and it sucks. We going to try separate counseling and maybe touch base/ reconnect in 6 months time. We both admitted to still loving each other but things have to change. I don’t know if I’m just holding on to dreams or what? But I DO Love her enough to try. Typical Guy advice may sound helpful, but I want to honest when asked ” Have you had sex with anyone?”
    I’m trying my damned hardest right now to deal with this initial separation anxiety and sadness. Working on ‘Auto pilot’ and trying to put on a grin for everyone. Not everybody has a social support network of single people, and right now, I prefer that only a handful of people know what I’m going through. I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow for some help, but even just reading this page and everybody’s testimony, HAS helped a little bit. I’m NOT alone in my pain and I’m NOT the only one that’s experienced this. It’s @#$%# Hard ,and it Hurts! Bad! But I AM going to Make it . Just like everyone else here ✊
    Thank You

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  42. I wish listening to sad songs helped me. The last time I tried that it sent me into a depressive spiral. I can hardly listen to music anymore at all. I’m even in therapy and the pain when I have a moment to myself to think can be unbearable.

  43. I am going through break up
    Was together 3 years
    Living alone for first time in years
    Trying to get used to it.
    We were very toxic, but still love her and miss her all time,
    Reading all your comments
    I no I am not the only one going through this heartbreak 💔
    We will all make it

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