10 Reasons Why Living Alone Can Be Good For You

10 Reasons Why Living Alone Can Be Good For You

For the uninitiated, it can take some getting used to but living alone can be one of the most liberating experiences life has to offer. If you’re living solo for the first time, or you are seasoned in living alone and in need of a confidence boost; or even if you’re living alone, loving it and like to be reminded (well, why not?!), here are 10 reasons why living alone can be good for you.

10 Great Things About Living Alone werner22brigitte

1  You can please yourself!

Often, what’s described here is listed separately, but we have banded them together as one. Things like having control of the remote, being able to walk around naked, eat cereal whenever you want and do the hoovering at 10 pm – all fall under this broad category of the solo living experience. Of course, this isn’t an exclusive list but you get the gist, which is – you can pretty much please yourself. There is nothing wrong in doing so and underestimating the joy to be gained from simple pleasures is a no, no!

2  You are in control

Broadly similar to the first point, we’re talking here about deeper things rather than choosing whether or not you eat pasta in your pants or drink milk from the carton. Being in control when living alone means you get to make all the big decisions that directly affect your destiny. Basically, when it comes to what you do, who you socialise with and when you choose to do the things you are passionate about – all of this and more is under your control, for you to make decisions upon without judgement, compromise, or justification.

10 Great Thing About Living Alone g-stockstudio

3  Embrace life with your whole mind

Sometimes, discussing the benefits of solo living can be lighthearted – the reason for the list of small joys mentioned in point 1 of our list. But, those of us living alone by choice or who have grown to enjoy living alone are likely to recognise this reason more readily. Thinking, feeling and truly living alone is much more about embracing this life and being fully immersed in it, allowing you to be completely present in mind and body.

Living alone helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, enables you to develop who you want to be which in turn, can have a  positive effect on how you present yourself to others.

4 Home is where the heart is

When it comes to living alone you can really grow to appreciate your living space – your home and thus, your own personal space. With busy lives, it can be hard to appreciate our surroundings. Living alone and working towards it successfully, can help you become more attuned to your space. You’re able to mould it exactly the way you imagine. Even if your home is a work in progress right now, it is your own and you are totally in charge of it.

10 Great Things About Living Alone geralt-earth

5  Find fulfilment

Fulfilment comes from working hard towards something you need. For some people, living alone is what they need and so when it happens they feel at peace with their situation and themselves.

6  Share your home on your terms

Living alone doesn’t mean always being alone and so it stands to reason that you will want to share your home with friends and loved ones but on your terms. Hand picking guests and inviting people when you choose are all freedoms you can control at your pace.

7 Financial independence

Not everyone will take this one fully on board! Basically, it means that you are financially free as well as in control. What you bring home is yours with no need to share or distribute anywhere else other than your own choosing. Financial independence is something many people crave and yet in solo life, it is kind of a given which is reason to be thankful – honest!

10 Great Things About Living Alone Free Photos

8  Active independence

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve already touched on this but actually, what we mean here isn’t about doing things on your own. Living alone gives you that freedom of course, but it also brings with it the ability to be actively independent. Anyone can be independent (even when living as a couple) but living alone brings with it authentic independence and self-discipline like nothing else.

9  Pursue what you are passionate about

When living with other people, there tends to be ‘stuff’ that gets in the way. Living alone not only gives you an unparalleled level of freedom but it also gives you the time to focus on what you really want to do.

10  Great social life

Living alone doesn’t mean being a recluse. Fact is, many solos report having a better social life and a great network to draw upon because of living solo, not in spite of living alone.

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