Galentine’s Day: Hosting A Special Dinner For Your Female Friends

Kate Cartwright, Brand Marketing Manager at Burleigh Pottery, explores the essence of hosting a Galentine’s Dinner, from décor and entertainment to understanding the enjoyment of female camaraderie.

Galentine's Day: How to host a special dinner for your female friends

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s a growing buzz surrounding its more feminine counterpart: Galentine’s Day. Originating from the hit TV show “Parks and Recreation,” this day dedicated to celebrating female friendship has steadily gained popularity, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional romantic narratives. So, why the sudden surge in Galentine’s fervour? Below, I’ll share my insight plus a few tips for hosting a Galentine’s dinner for your friends.

What is Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day isn’t just about roses and romance; it’s a celebration of the deep bonds and unwavering support shared amongst women. In an age where female empowerment and solidarity are championed, Galentine’s serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and strength found in female friendships. It’s a day to honour the women who lift us up, inspire us, and stand by our side through life’s triumphs and tribulations. As more women embrace their independence and forge their own paths, Galentine’s offers a moment to revel in the joys of camaraderie and sisterhood.

In a world often fixated on romantic relationships, the significance of platonic bonds can sometimes be overlooked. However, studies have shown that strong friendships not only contribute to our happiness and well-being but also serve as a vital support system during challenging times. Galentine’s Day shines a spotlight on the profound impact of female camaraderie, emphasising the importance of nurturing and cherishing these relationships. 

How to host a Galentine’s dinner

Whether it’s sharing secrets over a glass of wine or dancing the night away, the bonds of friendship are a source of strength, laughter, and good memories. A dinner will allow you to spend the most quality time with your best friends while indulging in something delicious — here are a few tips for putting one together to get you started.

Set the scene

Setting the stage for a memorable Galentine’s Dinner involves infusing the space with warmth, vibrancy, and a dash of feminine flair. What’s something you like or have in common with each other? Is there a movie or activity you all enjoy? Use your knowledge of your friendship to create a personalised setting for your Galentine’s dinner, and your guests are sure to be thrilled.

If you’re stuck for ideas, think shades of pink, red, and gold intertwined with lush greenery and delicate floral accents. Consider adorning the table with elegant tableware, candlelight, and perhaps a sprinkling of decoration for that extra touch of glamour. Whether you opt for a cosy at-home gathering or a chic restaurant venue, let the décor reflect the joy and spirit of sisterhood.


One of the hallmarks of a successful Galentine’s Dinner could be the collaborative effort in curating a delectable feast. Divvy up the meal among your friends, assigning each attendee a course to prepare or bring. From appetisers and salads to mains and desserts, encourage creativity and diversity in the culinary offerings. If you can, try to focus on foods with an emphasis on sharing, as this will encourage socialisation and create a relaxed setting for your evening. Need some food ideas? How about a Mediterranean-inspired mezze platter, a refreshing citrus salad, savoury stuffed pasta, and indulgent chocolate-dipped strawberries? The possibilities are endless, limited only by your collective imagination.

Make it fun

It’s traditional (but not necessary) to exchange gifts on Galentine’s Day as little tokens of appreciation for your friends. These can range from flowers to jewellery, useful items for your shared hobby, or even handmade presents. Decide whether you want to do this swap before dinner or afterwards so that everyone knows the plan.

As well as gifts, no Galentine’s gathering is complete without a few light-hearted games and activities to foster laughter and connection. Consider classic favourites like “Never Have I Ever,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” or a themed trivia game centred around iconic female friendships in literature, film, and history. For a more hands-on approach, try a DIY craft station where guests can create personalised keepsakes or friendship bracelets as tokens of appreciation.

Galentine’s may be a new holiday, but it’s on track to becoming one of the most beloved. This year, gather your best female friends together in one place and celebrate sisterhood together with a stylish and sentimental Galentine’s dinner. 

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