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Solo Living is the leading voice and resource for those of us living alone and navigating life solo
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The Cost Of Living Alone

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12 Ways Living Alone Is Different From Other Lifestyles

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Living alone through choice or circumstance

Solo Living is the original and leading voice talking about the living alone and single life experience. We are a community-driven resource changing perceptions around what has, until now been a misunderstood way of life. Solo Living coined the term ‘living alone through choice or circumstance’ in recognition of the different reasons why people are living alone today. We talked about the living alone experience when no one else knew how to because, for years, living alone and single life was not recognised as a positive lifestyle.

Core to our activity is the belief that to live well alone, looking after our emotional and physical wellbeing combined with living sustainability is essential. Our unique approach to solo living and living alone is an irresistible blend of how to live well!

With over 8 million people living alone in the UK today – a trend impacting Northern Europe and North America, living solo is thought to be the biggest social change in decades affecting countries worldwide. We are inspired and led by our community. We engage and share the wisdom and experiences of people navigating life solo, many of whom are also living a single life. We endeavour to tell your stories.

'One in three households in the UK and beyond are occupied by one person! Living alone is a new norm.'

Whether living alone through choice or circumstance, solo living will, for some, be a new and unknown adventure – most likely a temporary stage in life.  Others will undoubtedly be experienced and seasoned with the joys, opportunities and challenges of living alone. While for many, solo living will turn out to be a longer-lasting stage in life, and increasingly for many, living alone and single life will be a positive lifestyle choice. We also know that solo living does not necessarily mean being single or living without children.

As modern lifestyles change, because of increasing demands on our time and the way we conduct relationships – Solo Living hopes to offer a useful resource to the growing number of independently-minded people who do spend more time on their own whether they are in a relationship or not, or have children.

Solo Living also works with brands to create useful content for people who are living alone, single and navigating life solo. By collaborating with brands, we aim to improve the understanding of the living alone and single experience and close the gap between the lifestyle and interests of Solo consumers and the marketplace.

Solo Living endeavours to be the one place you can all tap into and feel assured you are not alone – your own solo living experience is likely shared by many.

Solo Living is the leading voice and resource for those of us living alone and navigating life solo

Our Brand Values

Confidence and Reliability
Solo Living is driven by creating a high-quality resource you will have confidence in, find reliable and enjoyable. Our content is carefully curated with this in mind.
Action, Activity & Experiences
Our varied, curated content, including Solo Living Community contributions, will strive towards suggesting things you can do, take part in and experience. We will also address the joys, practicalities, opportunities and challenges of Solo Living.
Sustainability & Wellbeing
We are encouraged by the increasing desire to introduce sustainable ways of living into our everyday lives. We are committed to exploring ideas, discussions and trends around sustainable living and the contribution living sustainably has towards our overall physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

What we do

Our mission is simple - to create a one-stop essential resource for the Solo Living and Living Alone Community!​

We keep you informed and publish stories and articles from Solo Living writers and Community contributors, ensuring what we publish is in keeping with our mission and values. To live well alone, we believe a blend of self-care – looking after our emotional and physical wellbeing – and living sustainably is essential. We work closely with brands who support our endeavours in line with our mission and brand values.

We encourage you to join our community by signing up for our newsletter and participating in and contributing to Solo Living discussions on our social media pages. Solo Living has two vibrant Facebook Groups – Super Solos Living Alone Community and Solo Dining and a Table for One. Please join our Groups if you would like to connect with other Solos. You can follow us on Instagram, where you will find us @wearesololiving and @sololivingkitchendiaries.


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Building Sustainable Healthy Routines While Living Alone

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Getting to know our content
At Solo Living, we publish a range of content. You may see carefully selected sponsor and affiliate links. We endeavour to present our honest opinions and beliefs in keeping with our mission and values. Content with affiliate links will be clearly labelled (see below), disclosing any affiliate links (where we will receive a commission if you decide to click through to an external website and buy).

Content you will see

It is important to be transparent with our content. Each post will be labelled so you know how it was created:

SOLO LIVING – Content from the Solo Living Team

COMMUNITY –  Content from community members who have joined our Solo Living Facebook Groups

GUEST – Content from a guest blogger, publication or writer

BRAND – Content produced in partnership with a brand

SPONSORED – Content created by a brand to promote a product or service

SHOP – An article or post containing product information with affiliate links. If you click on affiliate links within a SHOP post, it means you will leave the Solo Living website to an external product page, and if you decide to buy, Solo Living may receive a commission.

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