travel bloggers writing about specific countries around the world

9 Travel Bloggers Writing About Specific Countries

Have you chosen your holiday destination as yet? Here are the 9 of best travel bloggers writing about specific countries and continents around the world.

If you’re planning a solo trip it’s helpful to find bloggers specialising and writing about specific countries you want to visit.

When planning a solo trip, it is important to be prepared.  A thoroughly researched itinerary for your travels is useful both for your enjoyment, safety and inevitably your peace of mind – particularly if you’re new to travelling alone. There are many amazing travel blogs available online, covering adventure travel, luxury travel, budget travel, sustainable travel and more. But if you have a trip booked to a specific location, you may not want to sift through a dozen or more posts about various other places before you find the information you need for your travels. 

travel blogger South America

Luckily, there are a great number of travel blogs writing about travelling in specific countries and continents around the world. We’ve listed 9 of our favourites for you to peruse!

9 Travel Bloggers Writing About Specific Countries


travel blogger Africa

1 Helen in Wonderlust

In 2009, Helen Davies left her job and set off on her dream adventure to Africa. Since then, Helen has travelled all over Africa and experienced some amazing things: going on safari, climbing Kilimanjaro and rafting the River Nile, to name a few. She decided to start a blog documenting her travels in her favourite continent, and this has since led to her leading tours through Africa too. So if you’re heading to Africa, Helen’s blog is a must-read!

South East Asia

travel blogger South East Asia

2  South East Asia Backpacker

With its beautiful sights, exotic cuisine, warm weather, and famously friendly travel scene, countries in South East Asia are now, probably some of the most popular destinations for solo travel. If you’re heading there, you’ll find lots of useful information, tips and stories from real backpackers at South East Asia Backpacker. British backpacker Nikki Scott also launched a print magazine with the aim of creating a ‘travel diary for everyone’. Since then, it has become an amazing resource for travelling this area, all from real people with real experiences. 


travel blogger Europe
Seigfried Schnepf

3  Happy to Wander

Christina Guan is a Canadian travel addict now living in Munich. Although she has travelled across the world, she has a passion for travelling in Europe. Her blog documents her travels across the north, east, south, west and centre of Europe, with the inside scoop on the hidden gems of each of her destinations. Her blog is funny and refreshingly honest about the highs and lows of her travels. Plus, she includes some truly breath-taking photographs alongside each post, which will have you desperate to visit each place she mentions!


travel blogger USA

4  American Travel Blogger

Native Brit Victoria Brewood describes feeling as though she was born with a ‘nationality crisis’ – she felt like she was destined to live the American dream. On her first trip to the USA, she travelled by train and bus to some of her dream destinations such as Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans. She eventually moved to New York City and continues to blog about her adventures around her adopted home. This blog is a hive of useful information for your American travels, from tales of hiking in the Rocky Mountains, to the best food spots in all the big cities. 

9 Travel Bloggers Writing About Specific Countries continued…


travel blogger India

5  Travel with Lakshmi

Planning a trip to India can seem very daunting – where do you start with a country so big, with so much to see? Travel with Lakshmi is a fantastic blog for reading all about what India has to offer, from Andhra Pradesh to Assam, Gujarat to Goa. Lakshmi Sharath has even won various awards for her blog, including India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year from Indibloggies. 


travel blogger Canada

6  I Backpack Canada

From Saskatchewan, Canada, blogger Corbin Fraser began his travels with a year-long trip abroad following finishing high school. Returning home, he realised he couldn’t stop, and two months later he set off on the 30-hour drive west to Vancouver. Since then, he has toured all across Canada, learning about his home nation as he went. Corbin realised that there were not many online resources for backpackers and travellers looking to see Canada, and so he created I Backpack Canada to document his journey and provide information for others. 

South America

travel blogger South America

7  Along Dusty Roads

Andrew and Emily left life in East London in 2015 to embark upon a two and a half year adventure across Latin America. They live by a ‘slow-travel’ ethos: they try to live a bit in every country the travel to, rather than just a fleeting glimpse of the touristy stuff. Their blog is full of informative writing about their travels through Latin America; destination guides and reviews accompanied by some truly stunning photography. Although they are now back in the UK, they continue to travel and share their experiences on Along Dusty Roads.


travell blogger Australia
John Carnamoll

8  Rocky Travel

Travelling throughout Australia, Michela has produced a guide book about her solo travels. She focuses on simple and smart travel meaning she finds ways and gives tips on how to travel through Australia on a budget. On her website, there are lots of handy guides on different destinations to be found there – from cities, landmarks, tropical locations to the outback.

So, perhaps the first port of call for any solo traveller contemplating travelling alone in this country. With Italian roots, Michela likes to think of herself as a Baby Boomer at birth, with a Generation X mind and a Millenial Spirit. (If you feel the same why not read our article? – Ageless Generation: Living Alone With An Age-Defying Mindset)


travel blogger Scotland

9 The Chaotic Scot

Last but by no means least, voted the most beautiful country by Rough Guides readers in 2019 and a must-visit travel destination by Lonely Planet, here’s our favourite blog about Solo Living’s home nation – Scotland. At 22, native Scot Kay Gillespie embarked on her first trip to the Highlands, and it changed her life. She was determined to see more and decided to blog about her beloved country as she learnt more about it. The Chaotic Scot is completely focussed on travelling in Scotland and offers insight into the best places to go, stay and eat, as well as how to get there without needing a car.  

So, that’s our roundup of 9 travel bloggers specialising and writing about specific countries and regions around the world. Perhaps you’re feeling inspired enough by our list of bloggers to plan a trip of your own to one of their chosen destinations! Whether you are deciding between planning your own bespoke holiday or would prefer to travel on an organised solo holiday, subscribe to our mailing list for Solo Living’s exclusive A-Z of Solo Travel Tour Operators! Gather as much information as you need before you go.

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