What a year it has been for Solo Living and living alone in 2020! Thank you for visiting Solo Living, following us and being part of our Living Alone Community.

Living Alone In 2020: Thank You for Visiting Us & Being Part Of Our Community

Living Alone | 31st December 2020 by Solo Living

What a year it has been for Solo Living and living alone in 2020! Thank you for visiting Solo Living, following us and being part of our Living Alone Community.

Living Alone In 2020

When the first lockdown was announced back in March, work at Solo Living immediately pivoted and has since been devoted to serving our Living Alone Community during the pandemic. It meant many of our plans were put on hold as we tried to figure out what we could and should be doing for our Community with very few resources.

We ran a Solo Lockdown Journal over in our Solo Living Facebook Page as well as holding Lockdown Conversations. Emily ran a 5-Day Mindset Challenge. We published Short Stories written by Hannah following Solos during the first lockdown and when restrictions started to ease in the summer.  Our two 12-part, lockdown short stories series written by Hannah Westman will serve as a poignant record of what it was like to live alone during a full lockdown for the first time.

Over on Instagram, @SoloLivingKitchenDiaries, we share food cooked for one during the pandemic. We wold love it if you can follow us there and @wearesololiving.

We’ve published new and original articles to our website, responding to the living alone experience and pandemic life, hoping we have provided helpful and supportive articles for our Solos. We’ve launched our Shop with guides to Christmas Gift-Giving focusing on crafting, British-made and the sustainable.

We have been navigating challenging times in the same way as everyone else – with the inexperience of unprecedented situations.

As 2020 draws to a close, can we say just how proud we are of the small team of collaborators, most of whom came on board at very short notice with their support for Solo Living. They managed to reach new heights when talking about the living alone experience. Our writers have been exceptional in creating relevant and meaningful content geared towards our Solo Living Community. Now, others are taking inspiration and following our lead. Beware of copycat brands! Our contributors share our values – promoting good living while living alone – involving practising self-care and living sustainably. Being close and connecting with nature is very close to our hearts.

We haven’t stopped since March 16th, and today we take pause and feel immense gratitude to everyone who has supported Solo Living’s efforts. Thank you if you happen to be reading this!

Our greatest achievement this year has been the creation of two Solo Living Facebook Groups – Super Solos Living Alone Community and Solo Dining and a Table for One both of which are UK-based, English speaking Groups which have been buzzing over the festive period. Our Solo Group Members are filled with kindness and support for each other, and both are vibrant and thriving online Communities. Our know what it is like to live alone, cook and dine alone and talk about it with authenticity. Huge thanks go out to our Moderators, Wendy, Mike, and Jessica, making our Groups convivial, safe and comfortable places to be and whose support is invaluable.

Solo Living is a small purpose-led start-up with a big heart that will always be Community-led. That’s why Solo Living is not an influencer brand. Our Community know the living alone experience better than anyone, and we will always take their lead.

Thank you for visiting our website, following us on our social media channels and being brilliant members of our Solo Living Community and Groups. Your contributions to discussions and conversations around solo life during what has been an incredibly challenging year have been superb, binding our Living Alone Community together. We will be celebrating the first birthdays of our Groups early in the New Year. Something to look forward to! 🙂

We are sure 2021 will be better for everyone. Keep visiting on our website and follow us on social media as we look forward to bringing you more from Solo Living in the most welcome New Year.

Goodbye, 2020 and Hello, 2021!

Lots of Love

Solo Living x x


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