How To Turn A Solo Christmas Into A Social Christmas

Christmas Day Can Be Sociable Or Blissfully Spent Alone

Many of us will spend the Christmas period, including Christmas day, alone. The reasons for spending the day alone can vary – but there is no reason why anybody spending Christmas alone can’t have the best Christmas. People of all ages will be alone at Christmas as it’s not as unusual as you may think. Whether binging on favourite shows, pampering yourself or by eating a banquet designed to your very own taste, spending Christmas day alone can be blissful.

Spending Christmas Day Can Be Sociable!

If you’re going to be alone for Christmas and are planning the best day, you may want to spend a small part of that day being social. Or, you may also want to spend most of the day with other people. And of course, there are Christmas solos shouting at the screen as they read this, wondering why anyone would give up a free reign of the best chair, their remote and all the other amazing ways of doing Christmas alone.

But, if you would prefer not to spend Christmas day alone, here are some great options for you…

Do some volunteering!

Volunteering is a great way of spending Christmas with others. Not only do you get to help people less fortunate than you at a special time of the year – and feel good about it – you also get to meet people who are kind and giving. Some charities accepting volunteers for the Christmas period are Crisis and The Salvation Army.

Do the rounds and visit others

If you have a friend or family member nearby, you could always drop in on them at a convenient time for you both, and spend some time together. Even if it’s just an hour, a little bit of festive cheer together can go a long way. It would be even better if you could visit someone else alone at Christmas. Just try not to force the visit – they may be one of the people who really enjoy spending Christmas alone!

Stay connected

Sometimes visiting our loved ones isn’t possible because they’re spending the holidays abroad or the weather makes it unsafe to visit them locally. In cases like this, take to technology and stay connected. It’s a great way to ensure a Christmas Day spent alone is also a sociable one, too. Even if it’s just for ten minutes, a Skype or phone call to family and friends can be all the social life you need on your solo day of indulgence.

Offer to host – yikes!

As the turkey emerges from the oven a little darker than you expected, and the in-laws take siege of the remote control, you may truly regret offering to host. But, hosting for Christmas can be a guaranteed way of getting together with people you truly treasure. Even if their taste in movies isn’t.

If you’re a great cook this may be your – serve something better – bread and butter. Set the boundaries early and make guests aware it’s a dinner, not an all-day visit so you can still get that desired alone time afterwards – and your pick on Netflix once again.

Join a group or meetup

There are many different groups within the community that people can join for Christmas. Although some groups can stop meeting over the Christmas period, there are many occasions when societies and little clubs will meet up for part of Christmas Day or at other moments within the festive period.

Another option for solos celebrating Christmas and looking to get a little social is to use social media. Facebook has many different groups for people spending Christmas alone and to connect with people in similar situations.

Take a trip and meet locals

Now we’re talking! One of the best Christmas gifts you could give yourself is a city trip or a small vacation. Book a flight and enjoy Christmas in a sun-drenched café along the Mediterranean or head on over for a ski trip in Switzerland. Whatever type of break you want, just go for it! On the trip, you are likely to meet locals and maybe even welcomed to spend Christmas with new-found foreign friends. One of the best ways to meet new people at Christmas, and do a spot or two of travelling at the same time, is to go on a cruise.

Stay at a hotel

One way to ensure spending Christmas Day alone provides an opportunity to meet others is to stay at a hotel. Although booking yourself into a hotel isn’t going to guarantee you meeting new people, there is still a good chance of bumping into interesting and warm-hearted people in hotels who are spending Christmas away from their families.

Cover your bets by staying in a hotel with a relaxing spa so you can enjoy some personal pampering as well. The staff at hotels are usually more than up for a chat and you may even find spending your Christmas with familiar faces in the restaurant and bar is just enough socialising for you.

Join a choir or a Christmas carol group

This one may be a little more niche than the others, especially if your singing voice may even keep Santa away. For those that do enjoy singing, joining a choir may get you out of the house and with similar people this Christmas. Sometimes a choir can be a little daunting for those that enjoy singing but don’t take it too seriously. If this sounds like you then a Christmas carol group may be a better alternative.

Go to church

There is also the option of just heading down to your local church and enjoying an hour with the local community. You don’t need to be particularly religious to use this method. Go to church and take in the awe-inspiring architecture with locals and enjoy the beautiful surroundings put on by the church.

Go to a Christmas market

Drink in the atmosphere, or drink in some mulled wine, at a local Christmas market. You could always arrange to go with someone else but going alone can also be a social experience and an hour may prove all you need after a busy day at work. Everyone will be in a good mood as they get their Christmas delicacies and enjoy a tipple or two – is there a better scenario to start talking to strangers? You could also combine this idea with our suggestion to take a trip; head to a German Christmas market or even the big one in New York.

Head outdoors

With most people cooped up inside voluntarily or involuntary watching the annual Harry Potter marathon, the outdoors is more relaxing and quieter. Is there a better time to go for a walk with a friend or have a winter picnic date? Or, why not head off hiking on a beautiful snowy trail with a friend? This is a great idea for photographers who are seeking picturesque landscapes free from other people.

Go dating

Is it crazy or the most romantic thing ever? We’ll leave that for you to decide, but what about heading off on a date at Christmas. Outdoor dates can be even more romantic as the flakes fall and there is one go-to dating option that is still available at Christmas. We’re not talking about your favourite Chinese restaurant. You could head to the cinema at Christmas. With lots of great new releases at this time of year whether you head there with your date or go alone, you can definitely make it a social occasion!

Find some holiday work

Nowadays, many restaurants and stores remain open throughout the holiday period. Getting an extra income over Christmas can be great for your bank balance (especially with those extra tips and maybe even a bonus). It is probably more achievable to just take on some extra shifts or work at your current job. While everyone else is putting on the pounds you’ll be gaining them.

Local events

Why not grab your scarf and gloves and head out to a local event? These sorts of occasions can become fun for everyone and going alone can easily become a social day out. Meet and chat with locals as you enjoy the community fun and entertainment. Check our local bars and restaurants and see if they are putting on a Christmas lunch. We’ve noticed a few places in Glasgow and London opening their doors, putting on Christmas lunch and welcoming people who are spending Christmas day alone.

Set sail!

We have already covered going abroad to join family or to have an adventure of your own. But, what about a cruise? Cruises are very popular with solos who would prefer not to spend Christmas Day alone. It can be much easier to meet people and be as sociable as you wish because of living in close proximity, dining and drinking in the same places for continuous nights. A luxury cruise may be just what you need to treat yourself and get the social Christmas you want.

Walk a dog

A dog is said to be man’s best friend and we think they might be right. Spending time with an animal may be the right amount of social time you need at Christmas. Ask your neighbour who has a dog or head to the local shelter and ask if they need help walking dogs or just browse the animals they are currently housing. Why not offer to pet sit someone’s dog for Christmas while they’re away.

Organise a get-together

There will be times when your friends and family might want to escape the busy-ness of all the festive goings-on. Why not organise a no fuss, dress down get together for your nearest and dearest at your home, local pub, cafe or nearby restaurant. A simple bowl of pasta, a glass of wine and some time out may be all that is needed by your closest who you know are running around like crazy this Christmas.

Well, there it is! We’ve given you lots of fantastic ideas to turn your solo Christmas into a more social one, keeping you busy during the festivities. Thanks for reading and whether you choose to spend Christmas Day alone or opt for a more sociable experience, we hope you have a great time!


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