What Fitness Regimes Are We Diving Into?

There’s a lot of concern about how we compulsively check our smartphones and spend so long looking at computer screens in the digital age. But our growing infatuation with technology has coincided with a positive trend: a newfound enthusiasm for fitness. As a nation, we’re healthier than we’ve ever been, opting to ditch damaging behaviours for a wide variety of body-benefiting regimes.

Of course, the likes of football, cricket, tennis and rugby are British staples and remain perhaps the most popular quartet of sports in the country. But as well as participation in ball games, we’re also becoming increasingly involved in fitness schemes shaped by personal trainers.


Pilates and yoga enrolment is on the rise, and a lot of Brits are looking for ways to get into shape in the comfort of their own home too. High Energy Athletic Training, in particular, is becoming enormously popular, consisting of three separate twenty-minute stages of intense exercise that works the whole body. First, there’s base conditioning and aerobic exercise, followed by strength training (squats, lunges and lifts), and finally power training, which involves sprints.

Tech & fitness crossover

Our aforementioned addiction to tech is also tying in nicely with our hunger to get into shape, with fitness apps like Freeletics putting a personal trainer in our pocket, and games like Zombies, Run! putting a fun spin on jogging by guiding the user down “safe” routes to a “human outpost”. Virtual boxing is also taking off with the emergence of Virtual Reality technology.


Nonetheless, the most noticeable British fitness trend is concerned with the brain. Mindfulness is a hot topic in 2017, as people adopt a wide variety of exercises to improve their mental well-being, as well as their physical form.

Our approach to fitness is becoming more serious and more varied with every passing day. Try getting involved in some of the regimes listed above, and join the rest of the nation on its mission to achieve top condition.

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