10 Smart Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Autumn is most definitely here with winter fast approaching. Many of us would like to be more energy efficient, and all of us would like to cut down our energy bills! Okay, so you’ve heard it all before but as a timely reminder, here are a few simple and smart ways to cut your energy usage and lower your energy bills:

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1 Turn down your thermostat

OK, it’s horrible to sit in your house shivering, but most of us could cope pretty well with turning down the heating a degree or two. Chucking on a jumper and putting on a pair of socks will take the edge off if you really do feel cold. Heating requires a lot of energy, so turning it down, even a tad could really make a difference to your bills.

2 Switch energy supplier

A surprising number of us never shop around for energy suppliers. It’s worth your while checking out deals offered by other suppliers – it may well turn out that another energy company are offering better packages for your circumstances. Don’t be afraid to change the status quo!

3 Use energy efficient light bulbs

These days, energy efficient lightbulbs don’t skimp on brightness. The days of squinting in the dim glow of your eco-friendly light are over. You can have it all – bright light, lower energy bills, and a clear environmental conscience. Really, there’s no reason not to use energy efficient lightbulbs!

4 Block draughts

If you’re struggling to implement tip number one, it could be because you’re living in a draughty home. Something as simple as a few draught excluders can trap heat, and stop those shivery breezes. Fireplaces, windows and doors are all worth inspecting and then find a cost-effective solution to stop the troubling chilly breeze which can otherwise tempt you to turn the thermostat up.

5 Insulate your home

Again, you don’t need to have your heating turned up to the max in order to feel warm in your home. If your home is properly insulated, heat won’t escape through the walls, windows, and roof. You’ll feel far cosier, without having to have the heating blasting all the time! Check out your local government’s website and see if there are any grants available.

6 Consider a smart meter

Contact your energy supplier and ask if they can supply your home with a smart meter. A smart meter can give you a detailed breakdown of your energy usage, helping you to see where you can cut back. However, according to this article from The Telegraph, you should exercise caution before installing a smart meter. It might be a good idea to install one if you’re happy to stick with your existing energy supplier for some time. Also, speak to your energy supplier before deciding on an installation to address any concerns you might have.

7 Check out grants

There are all kinds of grants, tax breaks, and funding schemes out there for people wanting to reduce energy usage. Some councils and local enterprises are offering financial assistance for solar panel fitting. If your boiler is a bit of a dinosaur, the government can assist you in getting it replaced with a more efficient one.

8 Buy energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficiency is key for most appliance manufacturers these days, but not all appliances are created equal in this regard! Check efficiency ratings before you buy.

9 Use glazing cling-film

Getting double glazing is one of the best ways to insulate your house – an awful lot of heat escapes via the windows! However, it’s not always a cheap or practical solution. Instead, try getting glazing cling film. Most hardware shops sell versions which (like screen protectors on phones), won’t crinkle or make your windows look weird!

10 – Turn off the lights

Just like your grandad always insisted – switch off the lights when you’re not in the room! Simple, but effective!

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