Five Top Blogs For A Thrifty Future

The word of the decade is Austerity, and many,  including solo households are affected by the political drives of the government and banking institutions who seem reluctant to share. This might urge us to be savvy with our money.  Spend wisely and think thrifty. Challenging times when the cost of living is increasing and wages remain stagnant, coupled with our concerns for the environment and growing trends towards non-disposable living, are arguably reflecting the upsurge of great money-saving blogs.


Five Top Blogs for a Thrifty Future inspiredimages

1  Be Clever With Your Cash

Andy Webb, author and founder of BeCleverWithYourCash, has won the 2017 Financial Blog of the Year with his money-making and saving ideas. Andy also writes for Moneywise, here suggesting another ten financial blogs.


2  Thinking Thrifty

An acknowledged leader in financial blogging, David Taylor’s Thinking Thrifty won a SHOMO award in 2016 for Best New Blog. He contributes financial suggestions to several debt advice blogs.


3  Skint Dad

Another awesome financial savings site is 2016 Financial Blog of the Year winner, and 2015’s Best New Blog, SkintDad. This helpful and informative blog is outstandingly good and consistently popular.

4  Money Magpie

Jasmine Birtles’ MoneyMagpie is followed by many media broadcasters, and is a mine of information for making and saving money in all sorts of situations. It includes usefully categorised groups.


5  Miss Thrifty

Also enjoying a wide media following is Miss Thrifty, who describes herself as a ‘woman on a mission… who never pays full price for anything.’ Tips galore for the best score!

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