If you’re looking for excitement in your life, Matt Bryan from Extreme Nomads shares seven of the best adventure sports the UK has to offer.

Throw your stereotypes out the window! The UK isn’t all sleepy cottages and cobbled streets. Enjoy the finest scenery as you reach speeds that would make any sane man tremble. Zip lining from one heart-pumping afternoon into the next.

Exhilarating! The Best Adventure Sports In The UK

Solo Travel | 12th June 2023 by Matt Bryan

If you’re looking for excitement in your life, Matt Bryan from Extreme Nomads shares seven of the best adventure sports the UK has to offer.

Throw your stereotypes out the window! The UK isn’t all sleepy cottages and cobbled streets. Enjoy the finest scenery as you reach speeds that would make any sane man tremble. Zip lining from one heart-pumping afternoon into the next.

From Scotland’s West Coast to East Sussex, we’ve got the perfect place for you to test the limits of your abilities. Do you have kids? A partner? Worry not; they won’t feel left out. Each great activity on our list has introductory courses for them to learn the ropes.

For any solo adventurers, I’d suggest joining a club or having at least one friend and a trainer alongside you. Certainly to begin with, because adventure is unexpected. As you are learning the ropes, it would be best to have someone watching your back.

With the right training and instruction, it doesn’t need to take long before will be ice climbing or river swimming! Your days off just got an upgrade.

Why everyone in the UK loves adventure sports

Varied terrain. Despite being an island, the UK is brimming with spectacular views. All of that land and breathtaking views provide the perfect conditions. To experiment and cut loose.

While this is exciting, solo adventurers should consider the varied terrain as a live beast. Always be ready for any unexpected outcroppings or pitfalls. It could save your life and give you one awesome story to tell.

Of course, we can’t forget the massive body of water that surrounds the UK on all sides. Sea kayaking and wild swimming are just a couple of water sports within your reach. After an entire evening of walking on the wild side, kick back. Enjoy the summer breeze. Lounge on the south coast.

That varied terrain goes both ways. Perfect for adrenaline addicts and the siesta crowd.

The 7 Best Adventure Sports in the UK

Get ready to push your limits and experience the rush of adrenaline with the best adventure sports in the United Kingdom! From soaring through the sky on a zip line to conquering the rapids on a white water rafting trip, the UK is a playground for thrill-seekers of all kinds.

Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a first-time adrenaline junkie, there’s something for everyone in the world of UK adventure sports. So gear up and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, adrenaline, and breathtaking scenery!

1 Rock Climbing

A puzzle only your body can solve. Outdoors or within them. You’ll need to use your wits and exert those finger muscles. That is if you want to make it to the top. And you should. Rock climbing is all about ascension.

Can you make it to the top? A question that can be applied to all aspects of life. However, when rock climbing, you live it!

Best Spots:

  • Hodge Close Quarry has more than 80 routes for you to scale.
  • Trow Gil is perfectly designed for novices and career climbers.
  • For the ultimate challenge, The Old Man Of Hoy should be your endgame.

2 Surfing

Surfing? In the UK? Of course! Riding waves and taking on the world isn’t something that is exclusive to California. As an island, the UK is surrounded by water. You get your pick of the litter.

With surfing, it’s just you and your board. Your mission? Take on the ocean’s mightiest blows and win. Balance yourself right and jump from wave to wave.

Best Spots:

  • Head to Bude for some great waves and brilliant camping spots.
  • Woolacombe is as fun as it is to say. Strong waves are constant.
  • For the sightseers, Gower has fresh waves and a scenic atmosphere.

3 Kayaking

Kayaking is one of my favourite things to do. Picture this. You stuff yourself into a tiny vessel and then go rampaging down a raging rapid. Now that’s an afternoon. Wear appropriate clothing. Cotton is a NO, and nylon is a YES.

Keep in mind how your kayak’s weight will affect your performance. Some waters will require heavier yaks. And always bring a flotation device.

Best Spots:

  • Arisaig is the place for peaceful evenings with your yak.
  • Oban’s waters can be a challenge for the most seasoned kayaker.
  • Sea kayaking is best done on the Cornish coast.

4 Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has two sides. One that involves you cutting through muddy wooded mountains. No trails. For no reason in particular except to face nature head-on. And then there are the brief intervals in between the extremes.

Those quiet trails. Covered in leaves and with the sun’s rays poking through the trees. Enjoy both sides, the highest mountain and the peaceful trail. The UK’s got both for you.

Best Spots:

  • Fort William is perfect for mountain biking and ski runs.
  • No place is more beautiful to mountain bike than Peak National Park.
  • The Forest of Dean has plenty of wonderful trails.

5 Coasteering

Living life on the edge. Coasteering is all about that. It’s pretty much what it is. Coasteering is the act of travelling along the shoreline. Making it through any obstacle that arises. By any means necessary. It’s like a mini-ironman challenge geared around exploration.

Find what you like and explore. A cave? A new shoreline? Go for it! There are no rules except to stay by the coast.

Best Spots:

  • Abereiddy Bay lets you coasteer no matter the tide or conditions.
  • St Noni Bay is diverse enough to give you coasteering at its best.
  • Three Cliffs Bay is made up of various jumps and caves.

6 Bungee Jumping

I won’t ever do this. Securing a rope around my ankles and then jumping headfirst into the abyss. That is not what adrenaline junkies do. Only the most insane could consider doing this.

However, should you be in need of a rush, bungee jumping will get the job done. The tallest heights. With only a rope to keep you breathing. Ready for action?

Best Spots

  • Brighton Pier is colourful and vibrant. Perfect for high-risk jumps.
  • The Cliffton Suspension Bridge is the best place to bungee jump in the UK.
  • Bungee off Tower Bridge and see a new side of London.

7 Skydiving

Turn yourself into a shooting star. Extreme activities don’t get more intense than this. One mistake. One malfunction and that’s it.

Skydiving has you wearing a parachute. You then climb into a helicopter that will take you to untold heights.

Right at the apex of your ascension, you jump out. I’m not kidding. Release your parachute too early, and the strong winds will rip it apart. Too late, and you hit the ground. Are you feeling lucky?

Best Spots:

  • Morecambe Bay is a beauty when falling from the sky.
  • Turn charming little Beccles in Suffolk into a blip.
  • GoSkyDive in Salisbury would be the best place for beginners.

First Timers!

What to know when searching for your next adrenaline rush

Before taking the plunge, there are a few things you should know to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience. We’ll walk you through the basics of what to expect on the day of your activity and how to prepare both physically and mentally.

So, get ready to step out of your comfort zone and discover a new level of excitement!

1 Beginner levels first, please

Don’t jump into the toughest courses or runs first. Maybe you’ll get lucky and skirt by. Most likely, you’ll injure yourself or worse. Remember, these aren’t everyday activities listed above.
You win nothing by recklessly endangering yourself or anyone near you that may be compelled to help you. Slowly progress.

2 Check for proper equipment

First, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got the right equipment. Then be sure to check on its condition. Testing every piece as you move through your list. Faulty equipment is responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths every year. Patiently testing your equipment could save your life. Don’t skip this step.

3 Heavy research is required

Research everything. Every aspect of the sport you’ll be engaging with, but also your location. Whatever area you choose to practice your sport of choice in is vital. You want a location that is suited to your skill level. However, you’ll also want a location that is tailored to your sport of choice. It’ll make your experience much more fun.

4 Listen to an experienced instructor

If there is an instructor available, listen to them. They are experts. Lifelong devotees to extreme activities and sports. With their guidance, you’ll quickly progress in skill level. Before long, you’ll be able to engage in death-defying stunts without any help. Think about it this way. The sooner you learn from them, the sooner it is that you won’t need them.

5 Slow and steady

Take it easy. You aren’t going to gain anything extra by rushing through the beginning. Life is all about experiences. The more you learn about your sport of choice, the better you’ll be. Less frustration and more time to enjoy yourself. What could possibly be bad about that?

Reasons to become a thrill seeker

The rush of adrenaline that comes with trying new and daring activities can be addictive. We’ll explore the many benefits of becoming a thrill seeker, from boosting your confidence and reducing stress to creating unforgettable memories and expanding your horizons.

1 Fun and exciting

Life is full of restrictions. Extreme sports help set us free. This is because these sports go against common sense. Bungee jumping, sky diving, etc. There’s no good reason for doing them besides having fun.
By stepping away from our offices and standing on a cliff’s edge, we remind ourselves what life is all about.

2 Confidence grows

Confidence determines everything. The higher our confidence and self-belief, the higher the probability of success in our careers and personal life. Extreme activities help build our confidence. Think about it. Giving a presentation won’t seem as scary after you’ve gone coasteering during a storm. Going on a date isn’t as bad as jumping off a cliff. I could go on.

3 Extreme activities can promote good health

Extreme sports help us release stress. Stress is a true silent killer. Ageing us rapidly and suffocating our spirit. Being able to blow off some steam helps get our heads in order. Granting us a new perspective on what matters and what doesn’t.

4 Unique experiences within amazing scenery

When we get old, all we will be left with will be our memories. Nothing more. Wouldn’t it be better to have your head filled with images of amazing vistas? Memories of you scaling cliff sides with your bare hands. Taking on the toughest waves and shorelines. That sounds like a life worth living!

My final thoughts

What a ride! Perhaps, after all that, a peaceful walk through a national park doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe not. Yes? No? Doesn’t matter. You’ve got options. It’s one of the UK’s greatest strengths. Explore the country at your leisure. In your own way. Whatever you do, just make sure to buckle in. It’s going to get intense!

Images provided by Extreme Nomads

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