Remember what it is was like to live alone during lockdowns? Lyndsay captures the experience in her poem.

Living Alone During Lockdown: A Poem

Living Alone | 22nd April 2020 by Lyndsay Hall

Remember what it was like to live alone during lockdowns? Lyndsay captures her and the experience felt by members of our Solo Living Community, in this poem.

Living Alone During Lockdown

A Poem By Lyndsay Hall and Super Solos


Lockdown feels like it’s lasted for years,

We are desperate to see our friends for a beer.

All of us are Solo making it harder,

To keep ourselves from living in the larder!

So, when you feel like Covid is getting you down,

Turn to your fellow Solos to get rid of that frown!


Sit outside amongst the trees,

Find new ways to nurture the bees,

Read a book or paint a wall, 

Relax on the sofa and don’t move at all,

Call and smile with your friend using Zoom,

Or, clean and tidy every room!


Meditate, try some yoga,

I hear it’s very good for ya,

If you fall flat, plant a shrub 

Then have a long soak in the tub,

Love who you are in the here and now,

Ask for support even if you don’t know how.  


Vaccinations are underway, 

Soon we will all be able to go out and play,

Some days are tough I must admit,

Just hold on tight and we will get through it,

Even if it feels like you have misplaced your brain,

Talk to your fellow Solos, we will keep you sane!


I know this lockdown is a pain in the arse,

But remember, nothing lasts forever, and this too will pass. 

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Lyndsay Hall
Lyndsay is a woman of many talents and a valued member of the Solo Living Team. With a passion for writing, Lyndsay is currently writing her first novel, keeping a cute blog - Life At The Little Coach House and will soon embark on studying for a Masters Degree in Literature later in the year. She writes from the heart about the living alone experience.

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