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Publications and Bloggers

Do you have an online publication such as a lifestyle or specialist knowledge blog with a perspective that will resonate with the Solo Living community? We want to keep our community well informed with the very best information on a wide range of topics. Perhaps you would allow us to publish an adapted article or can write an original blog post for us? In return, we will share and promote your post with an acknowledgement and a direct link back to your site. Please take a look at our brand values and if you think we can work together, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

Solo Living Community Contributors

Do you like what we are trying to do? Maybe you can help us get better at bringing the Solo Living community together by adding your voice and experience on a topic you want to share. Would you be happy to share your voice purely for the satisfaction of being heard by the Solo Living community? If so, read on…

Maybe you have an interesting perspective on the practicalities, joys and challenges of Solo Living, or have something interesting to say about food; money; a city you know well; places worth visiting; your experience of travelling alone or a book you have read?

The list of topics are endless and if you can bring  personal insights based on your solo living experiences, the community will be all the better served with your contribution. You do not need be an experienced writer as submission guidelines are available below for you to read, if you are thinking of contributing.

Of course, while we cannot promise to publish everything we receive, we will publish your article if after due consideration by our small team, we think it will indeed, resonate amongst our Solo Living community.

So, if you have a good idea, writing skills and believe you can make a thoughtful, engaging and interesting contribution to the Solo Living community, please submit your article here and we will be in touch.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting a Community Contribution or Guest Post

Sharing is the way to go on the web and we are really interested to hear from Solo Living community contributors and guest bloggers. We should let you know we do not pay for contributions and if you are  thinking of contributing, please read our guidelines before you get in touch and submit your post. If you have any questions about submitting an article or post, please contact us.

What can I write about?

We’re looking for posts that will be of real interest to the Solo Living community. We want to hear your perspective on many lifestyle topics. It’s a good idea to keep our community and brand values in mind before you write a post:

Confidence and Reliability

We want our community to know what we publish is going to resonate, be of interest and be a reliable, well informed source of information. If you have a solo living experience you want to share or are a guest blogger in a specialist field, we want to hear from you.

Action, Activity and Experiences

With more people spending more time on their own, we want to learn and share what solo living is like for community members and provide suggestions for things to do, get involved and take part in. We want to discuss and dive into the joys, opportunities, practicalities and challenges of solo living from a range of perspectives.

Sustainability and Wellbeing

How do you manage living solo? Do you or have you found interesting ways to live your life that has improved your wellness, makes you happy or content? Do you strive or want to live sustainably? Do you have expertise in sustainability or wellbeing? Perhaps you can tell us more by sharing your perspective and tips.

Here are some topic ideas for community posts:

We don’t want to create limits on topics, but here are a few suggestions. Maybe you:

  • Have read a good book, heard a great album, visited a great place or have attended a brilliant event.
  • Have some great living and tech hacks.
  • Have a list of recommendations of great places for solo dining in your neighbourhood.
  • Have some good money saving and finance tips for the community.
  • Have some useful kitchen and solo cooking tips.
  • Have or will be travelling on your own and want to share your tips and experiences.
  • Want to share a solo living experience you think other community members will benefit from hearing about.
  • Want to write about  the joys, practicalities, opportunities or challenges that you have experienced through solo living.
  • Want to write about what solo living is like where you live.

Whatever you want to write about, please  keep our community and brand values at the forefront of your mind. Your unique perspective and insights will be  of interest to the Solo Living community and will help bring the community together.

What should the word length, language and style of articles or blog posts be?

We will print a range of long and short reads that are easy to read, helpful, well written with originality and uniqueness and in keeping with the spirit and brand values of Solo Living. Many a good blog post can run from 300 to 1200 words. Snappy titles and short paragraphs with sub-headings can help with your article’s readability and we can help with this if need be.

Will my post be edited?

We are likely to edit your article in keeping with our editorial policy so, please do not be offended if we suggest or make a few changes here and there, if we think it will help with the clarity and resonance of your article amongst our community. If we find significant changes are needed that may also affect your voice and tone we will consult you or, if after due consideration by our small team, we may decide not to publish.

Can I include links in my blog post?

You do not need to add links but:

  • If you do, we’d be grateful if you linked to other articles on our site or from high quality, reputable publications and blogs.
  • We may add or remove links if we think it will enhance and add to the enjoyment of your article.

If you are a guest blogger or writer:

  • We will check any links to your own blog for relevance and whenever we can we will write an acknowledgement and create a backlink to your blog if it resonates with the solo living community.
  • Please do not include affiliate links or keyword rich anchor text.
  • With your post, please send us a short bio (up to 50 words) and the web address of your site.

Do I need to submit images?

You do not need to submit images but they will bring attention to your post! We do not want and we will not infringe any copyright or attribution laws, so if you do submit images please:

  • Keep it easy, by making sure images are original,  from your own smartphone or camera.  Be sure you are happy and agree to see your images published by us. We will give you a photo credit for each original image that is published.
  • Send us original, wel lit, high-res photos as a j-peg or equivalent and confirm the source of the images. Up to 3 will be accepted.
  • If as the writer of the article/post you want to include a photo of yourself, then please do so with the awareness your image will be published online and will become publicly visible.
  • We may be able to use images from instagram. If you send us the links to instagram images you think are relevant to your post, we will take a look and assess if it’s okay to publish.  Please do NOT send us images from instagram – just the links is all that we need.
  • If you are unable to send your own images, don’t worry – we will try and find images for your article.

Please DO NOT:

  • Download and send images from the web or any images that do not belong to you as you and we, will not have attribution rights.
  • Send us photos of people who have not given you permission to do so. Landscape and scenic images, or images of places and items are preferred.

Can I republish my post on other sites?

We endeavour to publish original and unique high quality content that can only be found on Solo Living. When you send a contribution, we request you help us by making sure that the version of your article or post to published on our site is one where search engines would recognise it as the first, original and authoritative one.

We will be happy for you to share and promote your Solo Living article/post on social media using the Solo Living link.

If you do decide to republish the post, we ask you only republish a linked excerpt of the original article or a different version of it, at least three weeks after it has been published on Solo Living.

Why we might decline a post

If it’s clear a post is aimed at link building, is too salesy, found elsewhere on the web,  overly critical of individuals, deemed offensive and contrary to legislation, or if we think for any reason it will not resonate with our community; then we will decide not to publish the given post.

Contact Us if you are thinking about making a submission. We will be glad to hear from you!


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