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So, You Want to Spend Thanksgiving And Christmas Alone?

So, You Want To Spend Thanksgiving And Christmas Alone?

To many, the thought might be inconceivable, but do you have moments when you feel you want to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas alone? We bet you might also be asking yourself why you feel this way. Maybe you haven’t fully understood those feelings yourself, yet it’s an untapped desire. Compounding those feelings, you might be troubled about how you might let your family and friends know. We dive into the reasons you might want to spend the holidays alone and give you some help on how to let your friends and family know without letting them down.

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Money Management Budget Planner

For Solos, money management and budget planning are especially important these days because of the effect the Covid-19 pandemic is having on employment, livelihoods and the economy. With the current pandemic, living well, within our means and wishing to be debt-free is something that all of us want to achieve

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